The Last Ritual

Published On: Sivanaspirit Antyeṣṭi Sanskara (अन्त्येष्टि)– The Last Ritual, is to pay tribute to the departed soul following to sacred tradition in Hindu Scriptures. There are altogether sixteen samskara (rituals) performed in Hinduism. Starting from the Garbhadhan which is performed at the conception for the purpose of conceiving a child as the first samskara, to the last which is called … Continue reading The Last Ritual

Yajna: Ancient Purification Practice

Published On: Sivanaspirit Yajna (यज्ञ) is one of the oldest rituals practiced in Hinduism for thousands of years. There is no major ceremony in Hinduism that is completed without inviting the Agni or God of Fire for the offering. Yajna is described more than “1184″ times in Vedas and “580” times in Rigveda alone. They are also prevalent in current-day … Continue reading Yajna: Ancient Purification Practice

How our ancient rishis preserved the Vedas flawlessly

Published on: Pragyata    The ancient sacred scriptures of Hinduism were not found engraved on a native rock, embossed on cast metal, papyrus material, or any birch bark manuscripts. In Hinduism, we do not have any founder or any emergence dates like with the Semitic religions or even Indic offshoots like Buddhism or Jainism. We also … Continue reading How our ancient rishis preserved the Vedas flawlessly

What does the Vedas teach us, in this Pandemic

Published On: Opindia  Our newly emerged worst enemy from China has brought the whole world to its knees. More than 2.5 million people have been infected worldwide, in this pandemic so far. Almost one-third of the human population is living under lockdown currently. A new type of psychosomatic experimentation is being conducted on humankind in … Continue reading What does the Vedas teach us, in this Pandemic

Some quotes from great person for Vedas

Published in Book: “Beyond the Credence” “After the conversations about Indian philosophy, some of the ideas of Quantum Physics that had seemed so crazy suddenly made much more sense.” – W. Heisenberg, German Physicist